Why Even Good Billionaires Are Bad


Billionaires aren’t necessarily bad people. Some give to charity and aren’t opposed to higher taxes. Others make great lipstick. But how invested in change are the so-called benevolent billionaires? Newsbroke unpacks the myth of the “good billionaire” and asks: Is it ever OK to have so much wealth in a time of unprecedented inequality? #inequality #billionaires #wealth

Here’s some of our research:

Abolish billionaires:

Billionaires: the richest people in the world:

AOC’s policy adviser makes the case for abolishing billionaires:

How Mark Zuckerberg’s altruism helps himself:

How Microsoft moves profits offshore to cut its tax bill:

Aims of donor are shadowed by past in coal:

The trouble with charitable billionaires:

Sanders plan raises taxes $15 trillion, slams capital gains and charitable giving of rich:

The 3 richest Americans hold more wealth than bottom 50% of the country, study finds:

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