Her War: Women Vs. ISIS



Serekaniye is a town is Syria, where ISIS abominations are a constant threat to the lives of citizens. The following documentary brings us into the heart of Serekaniye town, and reveals that how a considerable number of women are leading the battle against ISIS to protect their homeland.

The female fighters shown in the film have joined the entirely female branch of the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit, also known as YPJ, which is the only armed force in the region fighting against ISIS. The need to protect their motherland, families, and life ways pulled them to YPJ. However, a directive attribute of the enemy according to which “a man killed by a women will go to Hell”, become an additional motivation for women to join YPJ.

Gulan is 18 years old Kurdish gild, who temporarily kept aside her life’s ambition of becoming a teacher, and joined YPJ. Her father says that he sent his daughter to fight against ISIS because “ISIS attacked us. They take our kids and cut off their heads. They take our daughters and do terrible things to them. My daughter wanted to join the self-defense forces”.

The film offers a deep and close access to the women’s hopes and panics standing at the front line of the battle, whose efforts are entirely human and whose stories are excessively inspiring.


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