The Women Who Pioneered Reggaeton – And The Women Changing It | AJ+


Women helped create Reggaeton — and today they’re contributing a lot more than just catchy hooks. This is the story of women who pioneered the genre, and their contemporaries who are among those trying to change its image.

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Presented by: Sana Saeed
Edited by: Michael Zipkin
Animations by: Joe Corea
Produced by: Sana Saeed, Kathryn Wheeler, Omar Duwaji
Shot by: Fanny Texier, Kori Feener, Omar Duwaji
Senior Producer: Imaeyen Ibanga
Executive Producer:* Sarah Nasr

Special Thanks:
Red Bull Music
Daniel Alvarenga
Melissa Aparicio
Karla Caraballo-Torres

Music tracks courtesy of Audio Network, West One

Footage and images courtesy of AP, Getty, Reuters and Creative Commons.

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