The Winter of the Beard



This documentary is the crux of a 600 hours of private footage which shows how a vow between six men changes their lives forever. Two movie producers welcomed 6 men in 2005 over America to go along with them in a trial. They all had to quit shaving for six months, not even trimming was permitted. Each man was given a camcorder and they had to do week by week inquiries to report their own experience. The next 600 hours of footage unveils the soul changing experience from unique vantage focuses.

The enthusiastic taping caught awful days and great ones, and it is in this structure the individual stories emerge and the facial hair blur out of spotlight. All through the procedure, the men recounted stories from their pasts, shared likes and hates, and admitted individual feelings of dread and goals. They snickered and cried, stowed away and woke up behind their facial hair.