The Seiker Podcast Ep 055 – Living Off the Grid – Something to Consider


Since 9/11, the idea of going “off grid,” or “living off the grid” has steadily gained momentum and popularity. With a flood of survival-based programs, articles, books, and products, it appears that a growing population of society is moving to unplug from their dependence on energy, government, and the norms of modern-civilization.

Recently, however, there have been multiple accounts of the government stepping in and raiding off-grid communities, arresting people trying to live off grid, and enacting laws and policies that make such a life style even more difficult. It would seem that rights are being trampled and society is being forced to stay connected to the Matrix. But is that really the case?

In this podcast I explore some of these incidents and ask some important questions. It seems that some of this information may be used as propaganda to further incite an already upset population of people. We need to explore alternative options, ways to get around some of these laws and promote the off grid lifestyles we are searching for. Instead, it seems, much effort is being put into focusing on the conflicts surrounding the. The question is: Why?
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