The Power Of The Placebo



Placebo is a cure or substance with no any real therapeutic effect. Placebo recipients are deceived into thinking that they are taken in an active treatment. Miracle pills of placebo come in all sizes and shapes and lacking active ingredients, that should not work actually at all. Placebo methodology is used in medical research and drug testing. In order to prevent the recipients from knowing that the treatment they taken is active or not, it can be made to be similar to an active therapy or medication so that it works as a control.

In the placebo phenomenon, the recipients discern an improvement in a condition not due to the treatment, but rather anticipated the personal belief and expectations. Now they are being revealed to help in curing depression, pain, and even to relieve some of the Parkinson’s disease symptoms. In this documentary, Horizon explores the working method of placebo, and how we could all take advantage from the secret power of it.


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