The Boy They Call Chucky



Christian Cunniffe from Chesterfield is a 12 years old boy. He might looks like any other school boy but he endures from a complex medical disorder, which makes him prone to abrupt aggressive outbursts, usually against his own family. Christian’s violent attacks have earned the nickname Chucky after the evil doll in the film Child’s play but according to doctors say he is not evil, he is ill.

Christian was diagnosed five years ago with ADHD, a condition caused by a mental disorder which makes him hyperactive and impulsive, but this alone doesn’t explain why he often erupt uncontrollable furies. His mum Catherine is embarking on the most important journey of her life for Christian treatment, because he is getting bigger and similarly more dangerous by the day. She will spend the next nine months in search of a cure for the sun she loves and fears in equal measures. For Catherine the wager couldn’t be higher, if she fails she will have to put Christian into care and her family will be torn apart forever, but she will do it to protect her three other children.

Ever since he was born, Christian’s family has struggled with his Jacqueline high personality, kind and loving one moment, brutal and merciless the next. Doctors say he also suffers from dyslexia and conduct disorder, and have treated him with a combination of drugs and therapy but nothing has stopped him waging war on his own family.



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