Being Terri- A Story Of 90% Burns Survivor




Terri Clavesbert is the youngest person in Britain to survive ninety percent burns. A team of devoted surgeons are thoroughly rebuilding Terri, but can she ever live a normal life and what does the future possesses?

In November 1998, the night shift of fire-station received an emergency call from a flat of one bedroom, where a distressed mother clarified that her baby daughter was trapped in a fire in the bedroom. Terry had stopped breathing by the time that got her outside. She was taken to a specialist burns unit at Broomfield hospital in Chelmsford and put on a life-support machine. Her condition went from bad to worse in the operating theatre. In the battle for her life, surgeons implanted artificial skin onto 60% of her body, a technique that have never been used so widely before. The use of this technique saved Terri’s life.

We can see in this documentary that Terri is a loving child. She is a kind youngster and ‘an inspiration for everybody’ as described by her father.


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