Swamp Tigers Documentary



The legendary swamp tiger is a standout amongst the most productive predators on Earth. It is obviously one of the most unique and beautiful member of the cat family. These tigers are elusive to the point that all endeavors to track them in these impervious swamps finished in disappointment. Over 10 years ago  cameraman Mike Herd made a phenomenal achievement by  catching the swamp tiger on film. This first tiger footage was enticing and very concise, yet for Mike it was sufficient to blend an energy. He set out to return and unwind the insider facts of this strange animal.

On the sloppy bank there is the primary obvious hint of the tiger – a late arrangement of pugmarks driving profound into the woods. At that point more proof – enormous paw blemishes on a tree. The air is thick with an impactful possess an aroma similar to tiger. Mike trusts it must be a tigress. This is how the documentary depicts various experiences filled with action and danger occured in the voyage of Mike Herd.

Consistently up to a hundred people are slaughtered by tigers, yet for poor people there is no option. The anglers invest months on-board their water crafts attempting to maintain a strategic distance from the scoundrels who take their catch and their possessions.  The documentary also depicts this vicious danger the village people have to go through from everyday.


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