Specifications of Infinix HOT 9 Quad Camera

Infinix HOT 9 Quad Camera

The existence of Infinix, a smartphone brand from Hong Kong is increasingly apparent and increasingly competitive in the Asian market, especially in the entry level class. How not, with a cheap price, the Infinix range can bring up-to-date specifications that are usually present in the expensive price! One of the mainstay lines of Infinix Smartphone is the HOT Series, where there are already Infinix HOT 7 Pro and Infinix HOT 8 which have been present before. Now, there is also one of the latest Infinix series, namely Infinix HOT 9. Curious as to what is the latest Infinix HOT 9 spec and price? Come, check the following reviews!

Infinix HOT 9 Quad Camera

Infinix HOT 9 Features, Specifications and Prices

Infinix HOT 9 is indeed presented by prioritizing the best quality and innovation to users, while continuing to be consistent in presenting an affordable price in the Asian market. Then, what are the features, specifications and prices of Infinix HOT 9? Come on, immediately see the full explanation about Infinix HOT 9 below!

Infinix HOT 9 Features Review

At a glance, Infinix HOT 9 offers a number of excellent features. Like the main camera module that has been equipped with four lenses, to the screen that has adapted the punch hole concept. Intrigued by what features are brought on Infinix HOT 9? Do not go anywhere, you should consider first the superior features of Infinix HOT 9 as follows.

Infinix HOT 9 Design and Screen Review

The back of the Infinix HOT 9 body is decorated with a line design called Game Cut. This design is enhanced with glossy gradation color accents because the body is made of plastic. Turning to the front, Infinix HOT 9 is equipped with a wide screen with a 6.6-inch IPS panel with a 20:9 ratio. If the Infinix HOT 7 Pro and Infinix HOT 8 still use the concept of notch to waterdrop notch, Infinix HOT 9 is arguably different. The screen on this Android cellphone already carries the concept of the punch hole screen which is generally present on cellphones. Call it like the Samsung Galaxy A51 to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series, known as Infinity-O Display typical of Samsung.

Infinix HOT 9 Quad Camera Review

Infinix HOT 9 Performance Review

You can also find a slight increase in the chipset sector, where performance is now supported by Mediatek Helio A25. The size of the chipset is quite small, which is 12nm. Unfortunately, this chipset is still underpowered and can only run heavy games like PUBG Mobile at low to moderate settings. Even so, for cheap mobile phones, the Infinix HOT 9 spec is quite okay, although of course it’s not fair when compared to middle and upper. Cool again, Infinix HOT 9 is already using the latest Android 10 operating system base and XOS 6.0 interface. Infinix also guarantees that the arrival of the Android operating system will bring more features with faster, more convenient and efficient use.

Infinix HOT 9 Camera Review

The trend behind the box design camera is also now carried on Infinix HOT 9 which is equipped with 16MP AI Quad Camera. These Quad Cameras each have a 16MP main camera setup, a 2MP ultrawide camera, a 2MP macro camera, and an AI Lens camera. As stated in the camera section, Infinix HOT 9 also relies on the macro camera feature to capture details of objects or objects at close range. In addition, Infinix HOT 8 is also equipped with Triple Flashlight feature which is quite helpful for lighting when taking photos in low light conditions. While on the front, namely the punch hole, there is an 8MP selfie camera. The catch of the picture was quite satisfactory for entry-level class.

Infinix HOT 9 Battery Review

Another advantage of Infinix HOT 9 is the large battery capacity up to 5,000 mAh which is an attraction, as well as many sought after users in Asian. Large Android cellphone batteries are sought after because most people have mobile activities that are high enough so that it is rather difficult to find a place to charge. Infinix itself claims, the capacity of the battery on the cellphone Infinix HOT 9 has increased by 20{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} over the previous generation, such as the Infinix HOT 7 Pro, which is only equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery.

Infinix HOT 9 Quad Camera Specifications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Infinix HOT 9

After reading the Infinix HOT 9 review, did the specifications offered make you even more impatient to buy this cellphone? Don’t hurry up! You also need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix HOT 9 which will be briefly reviewed below.

The Advantages of Infinix HOT 9

With a cheap price, Infinix HOT 9 has a number of features and advantages targeted by the majority of users in Indonesia, mostly in the lower middle segment. Then, what are the advantages of this Infinix HOT 9? Curious, right? Here are some of them, gangs.

  • Punch Hole Present: Equipped with punch holes, most of them still use bangs or notch waterdrop.
  • Sophisticated Camera: With low prices, Infinix does not hesitate to offer a Quad Camera to the Infinix HOT 9 with satisfactory quality.
  • Jumbo Battery: For those of you who frequently use cellphones such as for social media, watching movies to playing games, this phone will be very suitable for you because it has a large battery capacity.
  • Android OS 10: With the latest operating system and XOS 6.0 interface, you can enjoy more features on this cellphone.
  • DTS Audio Features: In the multimedia sector, Infinix HOT 9 is equipped with an Audio DTS (Dedicated To Sound) feature to provide better sound quality.

Infinix HOT 9 Disadvantages

Yes, an Android mobile phone at an affordable price of course has a number of trimming features that you should understand. For example, like some of the shortcomings of Infinix HOT 9 below.

  • Screen Resolution Still HD+: The Infinix HOT 9 screen still has HD + resolution (720 x 1600 pixels) only. In principle, an HD screen will consume less power than a FullHD screen or above.
  • Port Charging Not yet USB Type-C: The charging port on Infinix HOT 9 is still not adapting USB Type-C, aka still using microUSB type.
  • No Information About Fast Charging: Without fast charging, charging a large battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh will feel quite long when compared to its competitors.

The final word

Well, that’s a review of the features, specifications, and prices of the latest Infinix HOT 9 2020 which you can read first before buying it. For those of you who want to buy a new Android phone, are you interested in the latest Infinix smartphone? Meanwhile, for those of you who use Infinix phones, how’s your usage experience? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments column below!

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