Salmon Confidential



The film  is about the journey of a scholar who moves from court to court to fight a virus spread that could harm the community nationwide. Salmon Confidential is another film on the administration conceal of what is slaughtering BC’s wild salmon.  Following infections, Morton moves from courts, into British Columbia’s most remote waterways, Vancouver supermarkets and sushi eateries.

At the point when scholar Alexandra Morton finds BC’s wild salmon are trying positive for perilous European salmon infections connected with salmon cultivating around the world, a chain of occasions is set off by government to stifle the discoveries. The film archives Morton’s excursion as she endeavors to conquer government and industry detours tossed in her way and attempts to convey basic data to people in general so as to spare BC’s wild salmon.

This Documentary is very informative and put lights on issues that have been kept in dark for years so as to hide the disappointing atrocities from the authorities. The film gives astounding knowledge into the internal workings of government offices, and in addition uncommon footage of the officials entrusted with dealing with our fish and the security of our nourishment supply. It is without doubt that the narrative will open minds to unjustified actions carried by our own protectors in ways that could harm us internally.