Ruhullah Imam Khomeini 09 10 Urdu Documentary with English Subtitles


Episode ONE out of the TEN Episode Documentary on the life of Imam Khomeini, the Father of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
The question that every politician and journalist was asking was: What kind of revolutionist was Khomeini?

In a world that saw the likes of men such as Abraham Lincoln, Lenin, Churchill, Hilter, and Mussolini; also glimpsing over Abdul Nasser, Nehru, Castro and Che Guevara; Khomeini was different he led the only Islamic revolution in the 20th century that was destined to succeed. He was not a Communist, Capitalist or Nationalist, rather he was an Islamic Leader before anything else, his slogan was ‘No East and no West, Islam is for us’.

Imam Khomeini succeeded where many others failed, such that for the first time in almost 1300 years, since the occultation of Imam Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Shi’a Islam, Imam Khomeini through the concept of Wilayat Al-Faqih was able to establish a government led by the Islamic jurists – it is the Islamic Government, the Government which was a dream. A Government which Islamists have tried to establish for centuries. This government is but the biggest heritage and achievement of Imam Khomeini.



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