Risky Drinking (HBO Documentary)



Risky Drinking is an HBO documentary that provides an intimate look inside the stories of four very different people, and the consequences of alcohol on their lives and on their families. In the USA, nearly 70% of adults drink alcohol, while almost 1/3 of the American adults involved in problems at some stage in their lives due to drinking alcohol.

In the film, we meet 20-years old Kenzie. She likes to party hard on the weekends. Mike is another person who drinks a lot. If he doesn’t continue to a rehab program, he is near to lose his family. Neol is a mother of two daughters. She is single and has crossed the limits of moderate drinking. Neal is a 57-years old person who has abused with alcohol. His constant intoxicated state and addiction has closed him to death. With each story in the film, doctors give scientific based information on the statistics, effects, risks, and treatment options for alcohol addiction.

According to the National Institute of Health, the recommended amount of moderate drinking is “two drinks” or less per day for men, and “one drink” or less per day for women. A drink generally equivalent to a glass of wine, bottle of bear, a shot glass of distilled liquor, or mixed drink or a cocktail is considered as a “standard drink”. For men, risky drinking means four standard drinks of alcohol in a day or more than fourteen per week. For women, only three standard drinks in one day and seven in a week is considered as risky drinking.

“Binge drinking” means too much, and too fast drinking. A rough estimation of binge drinking is 5 or more standard drinks /2 hours for men, and 4 or more standard drinks/2 hours for women. It is considered as a dangerous pattern of drinking that can put someone’s health and life at serious risk.

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