Return to Mosul – CNN Documentary



Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq. It had a population of approximately 1,486,500 before the invasion and control of Islamic militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). Citizens of Mosul spent more than two years under the hostage of ISIL and being victims of their brutality. Recently, the Iraqi security forces liberated the city from ISIL on 9 July 2017 after a long siege and extremely tough urban warfare.

Mosul is more than a thousand year’s oldest city. The recent conflicts destroy the city to a larger extent. Nowadays, most of the buildings turned into rubble and the streets portray a horrible picture of devastation. The city feels haunted and realizes the sufferings the citizens endured.

Arwa Damon and Brice Laine of CNN were trapped by an ISIL firefight during their visit to Mosul. However, an ordinary Iraqi family in East Mosul gave them shelter, from where they escaped after 28 hours. During their stay, they observed suffering and death, but great manifestation of humanity too.

Two months after their flee they go back to Mosul to find out the fortune of the civilians and soldiers they met before.  However, their back visit was also a bit apprehensive because they were not entirely sure about the survival of all people they met. There, they attempted to expose how the city and its citizens are recovering after spending years under ISIL’s control.

They find some of the soldiers died in ISIL attacks and other wounded, while many of the other troops has returned to the front line after being patched up. All of these soldiers don’t take a break from the war and have a determination to defeat ISIL and free Mosul and Iraq. The children in Mosul are now going back to schools with smiles on their faces, and women wearing colors instead of black during ISIL’s control.


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