Quantum Laser Pointers – Double Slit Expeiment – The String Theory



Quantum Laser Pointers introduces the notorious double slit experiment just correctly under your complete control. This experiment was first carried out in 1801 by an English physicist to determine the nature of light as a wave or a particle.

In this experiment, a coherent (a beam of light in which all waves have the same frequency) beam of light shines from a laser is passed through a film disc having two parallel slits. The light hitting the walls behind the slits creates a classic interfering pattern, which means that light passes through the parallel slits as a wave not as a particle. The overlapping peaks of two waves produce a band of light. When the top of one wave comes together with the valley of another wave, light contradict at that point.

Dissimilarities of this experiment incited public arguments between Neil Bohr and Albert Einstein on the accurate nature of reality. It’s been described as the most notable example of all quantum strangeness. This double slit laser is inexpensive and appropriate and was designed for education and personal pleasure.