Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories



Psychopaths are usually considered as the persons with personality disorder, characterized by constant antisocial behavior, lack of empathy, and disinhibited, bold, and egotistical features. Often considered synonymous with sociopathy, persons with Psychopathy personality disorder constitutes approximately 20 percent of the prison population in Britain and also in the USA.  They are four times more re-offending than other discharged prisoners.

What are actually the reasons behind the terrible acts they do, very little are known about the psychopathic mentality. Professor Robert Hare is an acknowledged expert on psychopathic mind, who is consulted by British Home Office and the FBI. In the following film, he reveals remarkable new evidence behind psychopathic behavior. He advises that for clues people should focus on brain rather than bad upbringing. The psychopathy checklist, IQ distribution, and leaning toward social norms is examined in the program, and reported the distinctive phenomenon that therapeutic programs makes psychopaths to commit a further offence earlier and more violently.