Pakistan’s Hidden Shame (Exploitation Documentary) – Real Stories



Pakistan is one of the most important Muslim countries in the World, for being a nuclear power and western ally in the war against terror. But in Pakistan several thousands of poor and susceptible children suffer sexual exploitation, which is contradicted and ignored by the government.

It is estimated that crosswise Pakistan, more than 4 million children is forced to work at an early age due to poverty, and of those one and a half million live in the streets with no home, which often undergo sexual abuse. About one survey, approximately 95% truck drivers confessed for having sex with boys.

Peshawar is the northwestern city of Pakistan just about 54 Km away from the Afghan border, which often suffers terrorist attacks and police say they are too busy combating terrorists and have no time to protect such children. In this documentary, a 13 years old boy Naeem is followed, who have been gang-raped by four men when he was just 10. Naeem was also addicted by drugs, and now a social worker transported him to Karachi to cure and educate him.


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