North Korea: The Death of Kim Jong-nam



As happens in spy novels, a crowd of passengers stroll around Kuala Lumpur air port and a North Korean man, Kim Jong-nam, is assassinated in mysterious situations. The finger of suspicion is pointed promptly towards Kim Jon-un, the younger half-brother Kim Jong-nam and the North Korea’s leader. This barefaced murder has sparked fear among North Korean defectors and a ferocious diplomatic storm.

Kim Jong-nam was killed by two women, a Vietnamese and an Indonesian, who make their way to Kuala Lumpur international airport without any plans for travel anywhere. Footage of Fuji TV security camera shows the arrival of a North Korean man into the airport. As the man move towards the checking counter, the two women mates smudging a lethal substance on his face. He urgently looks for the health security, but it’s too late and he died within one hour.

Taeyong ho is North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to London, who abscond his post less than an year ago and is now under the protection of South Korea’s intelligence agency. He says that Kim Jong-nam was considered as a financial obstacle by the Kim Jong-un or North Korea’s regime, which should be eliminated sooner or later, and therefore, he was high on the recent hit-list.

Kim Dong Shik is a North Korean ex-spy defected to South Korea after being shot during a mission in Seoul. He considers that the recruitment of two foreign women was crucial to the task success. He says that Kim Jong-nam was conscious of the threat he underwent and would have been particularly cautious when people he didn’t know followed him. So using a foreigner rather than a North Korean was a superior option for killers.

Kim Jong-nam’s son, Kim Han-sol may be another target which should be eliminated, Taeyong ho says. He is hiding with his sister and mother, but up to when.


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