Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948



This film is made on the life story of Gandhi the Man and his constant search for truth. He was a man of goodwill and peace and stands out as a challenge giving the massage of non-violence, love and truth. Due to his fight against all evil and injustice, people of India gave him a name ‘Mahatma’ which means ‘the Great Soul’.

The Gandhi National Memorial Trust made the first complete biographical documentary film on his life as a respectful attempt to preserve Gandhi’s memory. A large part of film is composed of history of India’s struggle for freedom.

The film is combination of old prints, live photography and animation which give somewhat an integrated image of his life. Technically some of the bounded material is imperfect but it is a genuine historic representation. The story contains mostly Gandhi’s own words and is described in a very simple and noble way. Though it is a full length documentary but still insufficient to represent varied activities of Gandhi’s whole life.