Kayenta is situated in southern Utah in United States and is well-known for its magnificent natural beautiful views.  The gently extending large open undulated grasslands, clay-colored sceneries, and impressive cliffs of red rocks stimulate a spiritual and sweet inner peace like feeling. This beautifully photographed film provides great information about the developing desert of Kayenta and its population.

In 1968, when developer Terry Marten visited first time to the area, the heart-pounding beauty of the area produced an idea in his heart. What it would be like to live in this region? About most people, living in desert is illogical, but Marten had a passion for nature and a talent for innovative design, he continuously worked to perceive the unexploited potential of the region.

The main subject was to permeate each home with a look of having been originated itself from the land. This interpreted into buildings that were constituted lower to the ground with exteriors harmonized with darkened earth color. For such homes areas were needed that superficially covered from the sun and depend on solar energy. In 1982 Marten built his first home in the desert.

Kayenta is an extremely enjoyable and comforting experience with its attractive outcome and an acknowledgement for the transformative necromancy of architecture.


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