Igor – The Boy Who Dared To Dream (Medical Documentary)



After the great success of award-winning documentary Igor – Child of Chernobyl, the team decided to continue this amazing story. Igor is one of the earliest victims of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion of 1996. He lacks his right arm and has stunted legs. He is being in England from two years undergoing medical treatment. It was a dream of Igor to have two arms and normal legs like other children. He has also a dream of having a family. He still has those dreams, but as he grown-up he’s going conscious of giant obstructions in frontage of him and the harsh realities of his past.

Igor came to England from Belarus in 1994 and went to Queen Mary hospital for treatment, where specialists fitted him an artificial battery operated arm and a special pair of boots. But for the doctors, it was essential to take some other decisions because Igor’s body top-half was growing while bottom-half wasn’t and after some time soon or later, his legs would be not capable to bear the weight of his body. The documentary is amazing and throughout conveys the brave image of Igor that how he didn’t let his body’s lacks to come in the way of his dreams.


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