Great Wide Open



Jared Leto, an American actor, singer and song-writer, exposed in his new directorial attempt an unforeseen side of himself. The film is more than just a charming travelogue and also a compliment to those who actively engage in these regal natural wonders.

In the first episode of this multi-part documentary series, Leto introduces the viewers to a self-illustrated “Super nerdy rock climber”, Tommy Caldwell who has gathered broad applaud for redefining the meaning of dedication, tolerance and thrill-seeking moxie.

The second episode of the series is taken over by the climber Renan Ozturk, who is not only a remarkably talented climber, but also a professional cinematographer. The series then continue with another record-breaker in the climbing community, Alex Honnold, who is never failed to inspire awe.

Great Wide Open challenges the insight of the mountain climbers, who’s each segment is very beautifully photographed and insightfully observed.


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