Great Lakes, Bad Lines



This film is about the unavoidable erosion and defect of a Canadian-owned pipeline, the Enbridge Line 5 that extends over 500 miles and via Great Lack of Michigan it transport 23 million gallons of oil on the daily basis. The line was built about 60 years ago and now it needs an urgent repair. Experts say that if the situation is not controlled urgently, then the region will certainly suffer one of the great environmental disasters in the recorded history. The film is a cogent attempt to increase awareness and stimulate change.

In the film two environmental activists are travel along the course of the pipeline and converse with number of experts and local residents along the route. The rupture of Enbridgeโ€™s Line 6B in the Kalamazoo Lake of Michigan in 2010 that cause the most horrible inland oil spill in history is an example for such a disaster.