The Girl Who Never Ate (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories



We all take food for the growth of our body and for getting energy and don’t think much about it. Without food we would die, but there is a 7 year’s old little girl, Tia McCarthy, for which eating has never happened. Tia was born 12 weeks premature with a rare congenital disorder ‘esophageal atresia’, in which the esophagus ends in a small blind cavity rather than stomach due to which food prevented from being swallowed, the disorder that affects only one and forty thousand children. She perplexes the medical world, as the doctors performed a radical operation to fix her problem in the age of 4 months, but that didn’t benefit her. Every night, Tia is attached to a machine that pumps liquid food directly into her digestive system through a tube, and she never gets hungry or thirsty.

In the condition of utter hopelessness, her mother challenged the nation to find the solution. And then a helpful offer directs them to a pioneering clinic using fundamental methods of starvation. In the film, Tia and her mother are followed as they are going to Austria to meet Dr Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer, whose “Controlled Starvation Program” boasts the  situation to achieve success.



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