Gaza Fixer: A Chronicle of Survival – Witness


Raed Athamneh is a six-time war survivor, patriarch and trusted news fixer to foreign reporters covering Gaza.

As he gives aid workers and journalists tours, he is the one who actually talks to the people, and translates the story of their fate to the foreigners eagerly recoding, writing, filming, the tragedy that Gaza has become.

His colleague, photojournalist George Azar, has witnessed Gaza’s trauma in extreme close-up and through his observational filming of Raed himself, as well as over nine years of friendship.

He captures the defining moments of Raed’s life – destruction, endurance, humour and unimaginable loss – with remarkable intimacy.

In an ongoing chronicle of Raed’s life, Israel’s 2014 war on the Gaza Strip leaves the family reeling, and Raed struggling to imagine the future.
Can news fixer and six-time war survivor Raed Athamneh recover once more after Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza?

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