The Enemy Within: The Pakistani Taliban



Pakistan is under violence from within. Since 9/11 at least 35,000 Pakistani citizens lost their lives in this so-called war against terror. During battling on the western border, more than 5,000 Pakistani soldiers have been killed and almost 9,000 injured. Pakistan suffered $68 to$69 billion loss. In terrorists some are Afghan and Arab extremists, and some are Pakistanis who are brain washed and stimulated by external militants to kill, destroy and bomb their own people.

The victims aren’t just soldiers; they also hit general citizens and noncombatants, like the bombing of the police commencement ceremony. Pakistani Taliban are the main offenders who are the product of Afghan Taliban and are even more brutal and barbarous

While the World has been focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan has been fighting an even costlier war in its own territory. The border region is normally off-limits to most Pakistanis let alone foreigners, but the unprecedented access has been given to the author to go inside Pakistan’s war on the enemy within. The author head west through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , the province British colonialists called the North-West Frontier. It’s the end of Pakistan proper. Beyond here is a kind of no-man’s land called the Tribal Agencies. Since colonial times, Pashtun tribesmen here were allowed to run their own affairs, but since the US invasion of Afghanistan, they have been taken over by militants.

Pakistan’s leading specialist on extremism, Ahmad Rashid, says that in the tribal areas half the population has fled, not so much because of the army but because of the Taliban. They hate the Taliban, and are scared of them.