The EM Drive – Fact or Fantasy? | Space Time



Space Time presents a special about EM Drive that arrived in great number since Eagle Works Labs published a paper detailing their experiments of an EM Drive in a solid vacuum chamber. Those tests were reliable with a positive result, a genuine thrust. Space Time launch the Space Time Journal Club through taking a very cautious seems at this result.

With a little background of EM Drive, the following program bound into the Harold “Sonny” White, et al., 2016 “Measurements of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum”.

EM Drive is a conical copper cylinder with two smooth ends, within which a resonant radiation field is induced, so microwave standing waves (or stationary waves) reflecting between the ends. The tool was invented in 1999 by Roger Shawyer, and followed by a number of comparable proposals, most remarkable of which is Guido Fetta’s Cannae Drive. All these devices fall under the category of microwave resonant cavity Thrusters.