Einstein and the Mystery of Space and Time – Documentary



Albert Einstein, the symbol of genius, whose theory of general relativity is one of the greatest attributes thinking about nature. The theory that has originated from a single brain is now one hundred years old. How did a theory that elucidates so much come from one mind? This amazing documentary tells us the story of how Albert Einstein imagined a series of thought experiments in a very young age that basically changed our sight of reality.

Today we have evidence signifying that there are millions of black holes in our galaxy alone, and all of its credit goes to the concept built on Einstein’s theory.  Just as a collision of two objects produces sound waves, the collision of two black holes generates waves in space time.

In Louisiana and Washington State’s, an enormous experiment called LIGO is in the last features of calibration. It’s expected that laser beams traveling four kilometers between precisely aligned mirrors will measure the squeezing of space resulted by gravitational waves. The most deep of entire Einstein’s theories extraordinary breakthroughs is that our universe has a beginning. The discovery that outlying galaxies are moving outwards and the finding of background radiations from the very start of the universe provided evidence for the big bang, and a growing universe.