Dying To Be Apart




Will you stay with me after the separation?

I will get rid of you and escape. No, I am kidding. I will be with you wherever you go. Even after surgery no one will separate us.

Laden Bijani and Laleh Bijani were the two Iranian sisters joined at the head. They were born in the southwest Iranian city Firuzabad, to a poor farming family. In 1979 during revolution in Iran, the Bijani sisters lost in hospital and their parents didn’t find them several years. In Tehran, both the sisters were adopted by a prosperous Iranian businessman Ali Raza Safaian. The sisters had different hobbies and ambitions. Laden wished to be a lawyer while Laleh to be a journalist, and finally they resolved on Laden’s choice and studied four years law at Tehran University. Laden told Laleh as more reserved while herself rather chatty.

The sisters traveled to Germany in 1996 and attempted to convince doctors for their separation, but the doctors refused due to the high risk for both of them.

In 2002 November, they meet a Singaporean neurosurgeon Dr. Keith Goh, who had previously successfully separated two sisters from Nepal joined at the head, to undergo surgery. Both the sisters were very hopeful and determined even though the doctors warned them that the operation would be very risky. Their surgery was carried out on 6 July 2003 by a large team of 28 international specialists and 100 support staff at Raffles Hospital Singapore. But they didn’t survive due to huge blood lost during surgery.



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