Dawn of Humanity – PBS NOVA Documentary



What makes us humans? Where do we come from? When Darwin proposed the idea that we evolved from apes, since that time scientist are felt curious about those primary creatures that left the world of ape and entered into ours. Fossil discovered in the last 50 years have filled in some of the many blanks in the stories about evolution, but the bones of our ancestors are little in number and faraway, and allowing only partial views of how we altered gradually our millions of years from ape to human.

Now in South Africa two new species of hominine, our human ancestors, have been discovered in underground and dangerously deep caves. The bone fragments find there are not just little, but thousands. These bones could eventually bring our past into the spotlight. What story will they tell about how we became human?

Currently, this special of NOVA National Geographic presents new discoveries that unveil and make clear the dawn of humanity.