The Curse Of The Mermaid (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories



Sirenomelia or Mermaid Syndrome is a rare congenital (existing at or before birth) disorder in which legs fused together like a tail of fish. The disorder is very uncommon and is approximately found in one out of 100,000 live births. It is also mostly associated with complications like abnormal kidneys and the function and development of urinary bladder, due to which the children with such syndrome didn’t survive usually from more than two days.

The following fascinating documentary is the story of Milagros, a baby born on 27 April 2004, in Huancayo, Peru with Sirenomelia or Mermaid Syndrome giving her numerous medical complications and a look like a tail of fish. Her left kidney was deformed and the right one was situated very low in her body. Additionally, her urinary tracts, digestive and genitals share an only one tube. The film tells the story of Milagros family as they prepare for an operation at a hospital in Lima, Peru for the separation of her legs.



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