Coming Out the Other Side


Stories of gay Mormons and their journey Coming Out the Other Side.


Making this film is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things I have ever done!

I was a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, as a crowd liaison at the historic Egyptian Theater, talking with enthusiastic people about the power of film. I watched 18-20 films after my 8 hour shifts. I attended panel discussions where filmmakers discussed their craft.

One of the short documentaries I watched was about Christianity and homosexuality. It was good, but perhaps a bit impersonal.

A panel discussion I attended was on the power of film to express a single voice through the amazing tools that were becoming available to us (digital video cameras, desktop editing, and online distribution). A director on the panel said, Grab a camera and go out and make a film!

Something clicked: I had a basic camera; I was in a life phase where I could jump into a project; and I was aware of some wonderful people who had traveled through paths of Mormonism and learning to embrace their sexual identities. As I walked away from the panel I called my acquaintance (wonderful friend now), Steve Lee, and asked if I could come interview him. He said, “Of course!” That is how Steve leans into life.

When I felt even more energized after visiting Steve in Colorado, I called Tom Clark, and he enthusiastically agreed as well. I followed the authenticity and love from there.

I went to Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Mountain Meadows, New York City, but the greatest distances were traveled inside as I listened to the moving stories from self aware people who value love over fear.

Changing life circumstances delayed the completion of this film, but my love and respect for the participants only grew during that time.

I am an amateur filmmaker and have made an amateur film. The participants and their stories, though, are the real deal.

–Maurice Atkin

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