Clint Richardson – Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Privatization


The greater global picture of Common Core…

Common Core Standards are not only in schools, but are now standard in the military, FBI, CIA, and most other government agencies.

This Power Point lecture was given in November, 2013 at the Utah County Fairgrounds by Clint Richardson. Special thanks to Linda Oberhansley for organizing the event.

Other research on Common Core by Clint:

CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World

United States And Its Military Now Rotten To The CORE

Please utilize the following links for total CORE immersion.

1- Read the Annual Financial Report for “CORE Education and Technologies” corporation:


***Previous years reports will have other valuable information


2- Explore the “CORE Education and Consulting Services” main International website based in India:


3- Learn who CORE’s international corporate and government Shareholders are:


4- CORE learning tools for Autistic and other special needs children — the workforce of the future: Computers and keyboards for autistic kids are learning on.


5- Dr. Rima Liabou video “Don’t Delta Me, Dude!”:


6- “CSCOPE” is CORE in Texas. This is a watchdog site:


7- CORE is essentially Agenda 21. Here is the Texas “School Transformation” website:


8- This comes from the “Public Education Visioning Institute”, which is all Texas school superintendents literally proof of their conspiring to “Transform” public education into for profit private enterprise by implementing CSCOPE as part of “Common Core” model standards and best practices. They also admit the failure of their own education system. (Very Important):


9- Link to the Report issued by Public Education Visioning Institute called “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas”… “Respectfully Offered by Superintendent Participants in the Public Education Visioning Institute”:


For those who know IT and computer code, CORE’s main function is data collection and management. This search page searches Texas CSCOPE and CORE programming:


Propagandist for special needs children:


Clint’s Documentaries include:

Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccines –

Others at:

Clint’s blog:



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