Chevron vs. the Amazon



In 1964, the great oil industry Chevron started operating in Amazon rain forests of Ecuador. During 30 years, this awesome environmental zone became the victim of unregulated corporate abuse. In 1992 when corporation leaved the region, their toxic activities damage the environment 1700 times more as compared to the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in US. Empire Files host Abby Martin visited the area and exposed the criminal acts of industry in this film.

Amazon is famous for its biodiversity. Beside the unique species of plants, insects, and animals it also have an equally divers human population. The established operations of Chevron in the area over 50 years were a threat for all of them.

A series of serious statistics are given at the outset of the film. The corporation discarded 17 billion gallons of crude oil and 19 billion gallons of contaminated waste water into the area during their operationโ€™s years. A partial view of damage given by the ecological experts is that, the plant lives that manage to develop are internally saturated with crude oil and the rivers are streaked with thin layers of poisonous contaminants. The Ecuadorian citizens are undergoing increased incidents of disease and early death.