Brought Up By Booze (Alcoholism Documentary) – Real Stories



Calum Best is the son of George Best, who was not only a record supreme footballer but also an alcoholic. Calum tackles the brutal realities of life while growing up with an alcoholic parent in this challenging and familiar special on BBC ‘Children in Need’. After meeting and sharing his own intimate upbringing story with some of the 1.3 million children growing up with an alcohol abused parent, Calum believe that the effects of his father’s drinking on his life are persist even now.

Calum was leaded across the UK by Brought Up By Booze to meet people who share stories of alcoholic illness and neglect, and inspiring stories to resolve not to finished up like their parents. Will Calum ever understand the illness that took his father’s life, and what does George’s addiction indicates the future of Calum? In this insightful and upsetting travel of a son reaching for his father, we can see immediately the damaging effects of drinking on alcoholic’s children.



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