Broke Education System of America – Full Documentary



From Sal Khan, the pioneer of online learning, to Campbell Brown, the journalist-turned-reformer, the policy elites say that everything is broken in American education. As leaders of XQ project submit it concisely, we need to “scrap the blueprint and revolutionize this dangerously broken system.”

In American, from the time a child reaches the 6th grade, they are taught that the key to success in life is to obtain good grades in high school, so that they can get an entry to the best possible college. If they obtained excellent grades in high school, they will have an opportunity to get into a better college. They are taught that if they entered into a great college and obtain their college degree, any type of job they want in their favorite field will be there for them in the future.

Today, most Americans simply expect that achieving the college degree is the mean of economic success in the future. The whole purpose of elementary school is to prepare students for high school, and high school is to prepare students for college. Now the US has actually hundreds of private college preparative high schools that are believed to improve student’s entry chances into a top college at the cost of $25,000 per year. Students are instructed to consider that if they don’t enter into college, they will have no ability of ever making a booming career and will be on the path to nowhere. Today, reformers argue that the system can be restructured. But before rebuilt, it must be knocked down.