Americas Book of Secrets S02 E09 | The Mystery of Bigfoot



Is the marvel known as ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘sasquatch’ really exists or is it just a practical jock. Bigfoot is the subject of hundreds of fiction and nonfiction television shows, and also starring as a well-liked TV pitchman, selling everything from giant trucks to subs sandwiches.

In 1967, the commercialism of the Bigfoot fable started with the arrival of the alleged film of Patterson Gimlin. Some believed that the creature look in the sixty second clip is nothing else than a man wearing a costume. In the years since, Bigfoot has also turned out to be a movie’s star, but what’s the cause of constantly rising popularity of the creature. According to a recent survey, nearly thirty percent of all Americans believe in the existence of Bigfoot, and the reality that there are more than one million square miles of wildernesses in the US protected by the government, made the consideration stronger.

Bigfoot researchers say that each year approximately 200 sightings of Bigfoot reported. But they consider that unreported number of encounters is even larger.  New evidences encouraged Bigfoot hunters in recent years, and they have sated up their search for the creature using modern GPS and night vision technology. However, is the creature they are searching is merely a reclusive and rare animal, or is it something incredible that the US government doesn’t want them to discover.