Americas Book of Secrets S01 E04 – Fort Knox



Fort Knox is one of the safest structures in the world preserving the huge wealth of the United States. Its name is identical with one of the most valuable commodities in the world history. But behind the stone walls of Fort Knox are so controversial, disgraceful and potentially dangerous secret that must be kept veiled from the public.

The origin of America’s gold treasuries goes back to 1933, when president Franklin Donald Roosevelt ban the privates possession of gold by US citizens in an attempt to exhilarate the economy during the great despair.

Denver, West Point, New York’s Federal Reserve, and Fort Knox are four US major depositories where America’s gold treasuries are held. Among all these, Fort Knox is the largest one and the nature and sizes of these treasuries are a secret as they are fastened. Bolts of the Fort Knox can unlock only by a presidential order and since 1953 no audit of the context of the bolt has been conducted. By US law, treasury operates under the direct orders and supervision of the president, and not only print money, collect taxes, support trade agreements, but it also supervises America’s most valuable commodity gold.

However, what else in addition with gold could be so precious and confidential that it would need so strict security procedures provided by the US government. According to a 1993 reports, Fort Knox holds nearly 70,000 pounds of opium and morphine. It also dwells 900,000 carets of diamonds, but some consider that Fort Knox also resides something even more precious and strategically more significant to the American nation than any quantity of gold or jewels.

1. Americas Book of Secrets S01 E05 – Area 51


Area 51 is one of the most secret bases on the American land that protecting the most secret research and development of the nation. It also holds the secrets that are so unbelievable, shocking, and scary that they must be kept hidden from the public. The American government denied the existence of Area 51 for decades.

Area 51 is located in the middle of the Nevada high desert just 83 miles north of the loss Vegas city. The impassable security, unidentifiable flying objects and strange lights in the sky just helps only few conjectures and curiosity about what actually goes on in area 51.

The cloak of confidentiality that covers the Area 51 has few conspiracy theories about what goes on there. There is a variety of claims from the testing of chemical and biological warfare weapons to time travel machines and even alien technology. Could the secret research and development in area 51 comprise outer space technology, if so just what or possibly who is being hidden at Area 51.


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