Americas Book of Secrets S01 E03 – Freemasons



Freemasonry is the most confidential organization of America whose members are called Freemasons or Masons. Membership comprises the most influential men in America and the world, whose mysterious meetings held behind closed doors. However, behind the elite brotherhood of Freemasons are secrets that are so controversial, shocking, and dangerous that the members would defend with their lives.

It has been believed for centuries that the planners behind the World’s greatest international conspiracies are the freemasons. Members include industry tycoons, visionaries, world leaders, and presidents of the US. Nowadays, there are an estimated six million worldwide number of freemasons. But who are the freemasons? And where did they come from? However, while the basis of this secret society may forever remain a mystery, the influences of modern freemasonry began to appear in the middle of the 18th century in the American colony.

Despite all of the conspiracy theories and secrets, it’s an obvious fact that prominent freemasons helped to spark the American Revolution, and they aided to create the United States of America. Their footprints can be found in crosswise the country on secret documents, monuments, and even deeply fixed in the streets of American capital. They are a brotherhood of secrets, which they would protect with their lives, but why? Possibly only time will tell that what is the eventual plan of Freemasons?


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