Advantages and Disadvantages of Infinix Note 7

Infinix Note 7

Advantages and Disadvantages of Infinix Note 7-More and more here, the Smartphone Infinix brand is increasingly showing its capabilities by presenting quality smartphone products that are friendly in the pocket. This is Infinix Note 7, a successor to Infinix Note 6 which comes with various developments in its specifications. The Infinix Note 7 Series comes in two variants – regular and Lite. Both are equally able to provide lucrative offers to users, although there are some differences in several sectors. You can read the articles on the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Note 7 Lite to find out more. The variants to be discussed now are of course the regular variants. Even though the Infinix Note 7 enters the cheap price segment, you are guaranteed to be amazed by some facts from this cellphone. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Note 7 that must be known before you buy it.

Infinix Note 7

Advantages of Infinix Note 7

Although Infinix is ​​very attached to the affordable HP stigma, Infinix Note 7 is not a mere figment. There are at least 8 advantages of Infinix Note 7 that are worth knowing, which are as follows.

  1. Present with Dual Stereo Speakers

In an age when YouTube, Netflix, and Korean dramas are rife, young people are always using their cellphones to release fatigue by watching their favorite films. Therefore, Infinix Note 7 is presented with sound features that can maximize immersion for its users. Yep, Infinix Note 7 has been presented with two stereo speakers located on the upper and lower body. Both of these speakers also have DTS sound processing support to produce clearer and louder sound. So, instruments or sound effects on songs, movies and games can be heard clearly and in balance.

  1. Jumbo Batteries with Fast Charging

As you know, battery is always a factor that everyone wants. Generally, people associate the price of a cheap cellphone with poor battery life, but not with the Infinix Note 7. Even though entering the entry-level price segment, you can already enjoy a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. Not only that, this large battery can be charged with only a short time thanks to the 18W Super Charge 3.0 feature that it carries. A YouTube video from PhoneYear says that Infinix Note 7 can be charged to full in just 2 hours 25 minutes.

In the same video, it is said that the Infinix Note 7 battery is able to last while running 1080p video without stopping for 13 hours 25 minutes, with lighting conditions at 50{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} and 100{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} sound volume. In other test conditions, the Infinix Note 7 only loses 48{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} of the entire battery when using various social media applications for 4 hours, using a 4G connection. This is a pretty amazing achievement for cheap cellphones like Infinix Note 7. It turns out to be able to get a good duration of use on the cellphone , you do not need to buy a premium cellphone because the Infinix Note 7 is able to make it happen for you.

Advantages of Infinix Note 7

  1. Stunning Body Design

Infinix is ​​one of the budget HP brands that always pay attention to the appearance of the body in every product. This can be proven by the Infinix Note 7’s stylish and elegant body design. There are three color variants that look cool, namely Forest Green, Aether Black, and Bolivia Blue. Each of these variants features a rear body design that looks like a diamond cut and has a circular camera module – all packaged nicely to produce a high-aesthetic look. Most cellphones have an elongated vertical rear camera or box design. That is why the design of this cellphone camera is a breath of fresh air for those of you who want to look different.

  1. Very Relieved Screen

In a way, the screen is the most important component of a cellphone . Some people like the large screen dimensions because this can provide a more cinematic experience of watching and playing games. For Infinix Note 7 itself, the screen dimensions are the largest among its competitors, which is 6.9 inches. The large screen is also increasingly supported by the Infinity-O design which includes a front camera punch hole in the top left corner. So, if there is usually a bezel or frame to hold the front lens on an old cellphone design, Infinix Note 7 has absolutely no bezel, except at the bottom of the screen. In addition to being spacious, this screen is also capable of producing HD + display that spoil the eyes, wrapped with a maximum level of lighting that reaches 480 nits. Guaranteed, you will be able to enjoy an exciting viewing experience with Infinix Note 7.

  1. Relatively good gaming performance

Not everyone uses cellphones to play games. But, to be able to find out the performance of a kitchen runway a cellphone easily, you just need to see how well the chipset that is used to handle heavy games like PUBG Mobile. Fortunately, Infinix Note 7 is a cellphone with a good gaming performance for its class. Comes with Mediatek Helio G70 chipset wrapped in Mali-G52 2EEMC2 graphics processor, Infinix Note 7 is able to devour PUBG Mobile on HD and High settings. On YouTube videos uploaded by Super Mobile Fans and PhoneWorld, this cellphone does not display significant lag or stutter. In fact, from the entire gaming session, you will feel a stable frame rate of 30 fps. For those of you who want a cellphone with good performance but not too expensive, the Infinix Note 7 is really worth considering.

  1. Has a 3.5 mm Audio Port Jack

Here it is a feature that is often missing in the latest cellphone output, especially in the premium class. Yes, the 3.5 mm audio jack that is generally present on all cellphones, is now starting to be removed for various reasons. For example, cellphone manufacturers want consumers to pay more to buy a Bluetooth headset. Some brands also do this in order to produce a cleaner and slimmer cellphone body design. Even so, for some people, the wired headset is still superior to wireless because the sound quality will not be reduced due to the “long distance” connection between the headset and the device. You also do not have to bother charging the headset many times. This is one of the benefits of the Infinix Note 7 which is 100{165212238e4660484af9e2eb49857524096e2b6dd765f45235cac26d6ae13676} compatible with the headset or 3.5 mm speaker you have.

Infinix Note 7 Review

  1. Quad Camera

Looks like it’s getting hard to find a cellphone that isn’t equipped with a quad camera feature. Starting from the ranks of the cheapest and most expensive cellphones, the functions of these four cameras are increasingly widespread so that users can produce photos with a variety of modes. For Infinix Note 7 itself, it comes with a main lens resolution of 48 MP (wide), 2 MP lens (macro), 2 MP lens (depth), and finally 2 MP lens (special video camera). Although many cellphones have a four-camera configuration, the quality of the images certainly varies on each device. Infinix Note 7 is one of the affordable mobile phones with photographic performance that should not be underestimated. When the camera menu is opened, you can immediately see a variety of modes to choose from such as slow motion, short video, AI Cam, beauty, bokeh, and others.

In standard mode, you can take pictures with a resolution of 12 MP. In this mode, Infinix Note 7 is able to maintain the integrity of object details and show natural color contrast. There’s a toggle to activate 48 MP mode so you can take photos with a much higher resolution – which of course is also capable of capturing better detail. Meanwhile, the camera is also capable of recording 1080p video at 30 fps. This camera feature also comes with the help of software to stabilize the camera so it doesn’t shake too much when recording. Overall, Infinix Note 7 really presents the ability of a decent camera for cellphone in its class.

  1. Comes with Fingerprint Scanner and Face Unlock

Over time, cellphone manufacturers have begun to look for ways to apply a screen unlock method that is fast and safe. Now, the fingerprint scanner feature is rife on a variety of cellphones from any price segment, including the Infinix Note 7. Generally the fingerprint feature is located on the back of the body (rear-mounted) or inside the screen layer (in-display fingerprint). However, the Infinix Note 7 is one of a handful of cellphones carrying a side-mounted fingerprint scanner – located on the power button on the right side of the body.

For some people, the position of the fingerprint scanner is an advantage. You see, we are certainly accustomed to sticking the right thumb on the power button naturally. So no need to exert effort to get the finger pressed on the scanner sensor. In addition to the fingerprint scanner sensor, you can also unlock your screen using the Face Unlock feature, which makes this phone even more practical. Interested?

Lack of Infinix Note 7

Some of the advantages offered by Infinix Note 7 are somewhat impressive, but this cellphone is not flawless. You need to pay attention to some of the following deficiencies of Infinix Note 7 so that they are not wrong in buying.

  1. Still Using Micro USB 2.0

There are two types of ports that are most commonly used to charge HP or transfer data – microUSB and USB type-C. Type-C USB connection is a type of port that is now more sought after because it can be plugged into the cell phone easily. The tip of the microUSB is in the shape of a trapezoid so you have to pay attention to the bottom and the top to get into the HP hole. Unlike the USB type-C which is reversible – the end of the cable will be easily connected to the hole because of its symmetrical shape. That is why it is rather unfortunate that Infinix Note 7 is only presented with a microUSB connection type which incidentally has a data transfer rate that is worse than USB type-C.

  1. Does not have NFC features

Although the NFC feature is attached to the expensive cellphone stigma, in fact there are many cheap cellphones equipped with this useful feature. For those who don’t know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication as the name implies, is able to transfer files between two mobile phones quickly. In addition, NFC can also be used to make transactions on digital machines and fill balances on eMoney cards and eToll cards. In fact, this NFC feature cannot be found on Infinix Note 7. This can be a deal-breaker for those of you who live in metropolitan cities and often travel out of town using toll roads.


Apparently Infinix Note 7 has various advantages that are hard to compete with other cellphones in the same market. Its 5000 mAh battery capacity is very worthy to accompany you on a full day of activities. In addition, the large screen and stunning body design will make you confident carrying it everywhere. Unfortunately, Infinix Note 7 still uses microUSB cable plugs – a connection that is fairly obsolete in an age that has been all-round USB type-C. You also have to be willing to lose the NFC feature that will facilitate your life. All the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Note 7 have merit and you need to weigh them carefully to be sure of the decisions you make. So, after reading the advantages and disadvantages of Infinix Note 7, did you decide to buy it?

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