Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification



Since years we have intoxicated our planets with our filthy habits and endless charades. What do we have to show for ourselves. Did we ever even stop to think  what we will tell to our future generations? what will our answer be when they ask why we did this to their planet? This narrative investigates the startling wonder of sea fermentation, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for a huge number of years. The film was made to bring issues to light about the generally obscure issue of sea fermentation, which represents a key test to life in the oceans and the soundness of the whole planet.

Like an unnatural weather change, sea fermentation comes from the expansion of carbon dioxide in the world’s air since the begin of the Industrial Revolution. Driving investigative specialists on the issue, a large number of whom show up in the film, trust that it’s conceivable to curtail an unnatural weather change contamination, enhance the general wellbeing and strength of our seas, and avoid genuine mischief to our reality, yet just if move is made rapidly and conclusively. The global challenge of ocean acidification highlights all these issues which must be taken care of as their importance is as same of the life of every living thing on this planet.


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