🇲🇱 Why are peacekeepers leaving Mali? | Inside Story


Mali is facing war.
That’s the warning from President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita as the country struggles to contain what the UN calls a significant surge in violence.
Just 10 days ago, more than 153 people died in one of the worst attacks between rival tribes.
And armed groups such as ISIL and Al Qaeda are gaining strength.
Just as the government is warning of turmoil, UN peacekeepers are leaving.
Canada and the Netherlands are withdrawing their soldiers, and the U.S. is questioning the mission’s effectiveness.
So what’s next for Mali?

Presenter: Divya Gopalan

Marie-Roger Biloa – Chief Executive Officer of MRB Networks.
Adam Day – Head of Programmes at the United Nations University’s Centre for Policy Research.
Paul Melly – Consulting Fellow in the Africa Programme at Chatham House.

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