The World Without America – National Geographic Documentary



What if America takes away its military presence from around the world? While the US is one of the most beholden countries, their military budget is bigger by two-thirds of Russia, china and all other potential enemies collectively. How much can America spend and for how long?

As every decade the world population increases by about a billion people, the most traditional allies of US are turning their backs on the once not-necessary superpower. So if one day a presidential candidate advocated a complete with war from all foreign countries, would the Americans floating in current polls show that most Americans would like their budget spent Deficit Reduction medical care or simply not spent it all and go back to the taxpayers. Would this be the correct thing to do? And what about the other countries, what would happen to them? What would the world be like once America is gone?

In this three-part documentary, the US interference in Europe, Middle East, and Aisha is shown along with its consequences. So, what would be the World like if America stop interference in the personal matters of other countries, and keep the presence of its forces just to its own state? Maybe a better place for Human beings to live.


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