What's causing famine in Africa? – Inside Story


A desperate call in need of an urgent response. Close to 20 million people in three African countries and Yemen are at risk of starvation.

The UN secretary general says more than $4 billion is needed within the next three weeks or many more will die. Antonio Guterres made an emergency visit to Somalia, where a national disaster has been declared because of drought. About half of the country’s population faces severe food shortages.

In South Sudan, famine has been declared in parts of the country. Up to a million people there will soon run out of food.

And, the UN says, 400,000 Nigerian children face malnutrition. Close to 80,000 of them might not survive the next few months.

What can be done to save the lives of millions in this part of the world? And just who is supposed to act?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Alex Awiti, Director of east Africa Institute at Aga Khan University

Chido Onumah, anti corruption activist.

Challiss McDonough, Senior Regional Communications Officer – East Africa with the WFP

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