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Volvo Car Documentary [Full Video] History Channel [Documentary Films] [Top & Best Documentary] [HD] : Volvo, founded in 1927 in Sweden with the help of the SKF company, is a manufacturer of trucks and engines. In Latin, volvo – first person present tense of the verb volvere – means “I roll”.

Originally owned by AB Volvo since 1927, automotive activities of Volvo general public under the name Volvo Cars, separate particularly those of Volvo Trucks since 2010 belong to the Chinese Geely (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group), having belonged to Ford.

Volvo produces trucks, buses and coaches since 1928. AB Volvo is now one of the leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, cars and construction site equipment in the world. It is the second largest truck manufacturer. In early 2002, AB Volvo has restructured its truck sector by dividing it into three separate companies: Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks Inc. and Volvo Trucks. Finally, UD Trucks has joined the group in 2006, in particular to increase its presence in Asia.

AB Volvo also produces generators and engines to the shipbuilding industry (Volvo Penta) and construction machines (Volvo Construction Equipment). In the latter department, the company is famous for its articulated dump trucks. The Volvo Group also incorporates several Business Units such as Volvo Powertrain for its truck engines or Volvo Information Technology for its solutions and services. Some of these entities are also required to serve customers outside the group.

Volvo History: In the automotive industry, developments have succeeded rapidly in the 1920s, Assar Gabrielsson, sales manager at SKF, in fact envisaged to open a plant to accommodate the production of automobiles for which SKF ball bearings provide and roller ball joints. So he contacted the designer Gustaf Larsson, who got down to designing a car.

The plans were completed in spring 1925, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson and realized ten cars production. Once these copies prepared, it was decided in 1926 that Volvo, a subsidiary of SKF, continue car production. This company manufactured before a ball a row of balls called “Volvo” (derived from the Latin, meaning “I roll”) – a name that suited perfectly also to new products. The logo was chosen to represent the Swedish strength and originally copied the old representation of the element iron.

Series production of the convertible model (ÖV4 “Jakob”) was opened in 1927. Later, a sedan version was added to the range, helping to raise vehicle sales, but the company was not viable only as 1930. Since that time, the Volvo company has experienced dynamic development, and has become the largest company in Scandinavia.

In 1971, the club consists of four: Euro Truck Saviem Development Group, DAF, Volvo and Magirus-Deutz agree to jointly produce a class template “medium” from a cell and a cabin tilting joint, which has reduced development costs, but this association ended after the introduction of the cabins on the trucks.

In 1995, Volvo acquired part of the assets of Prevost Bus (Prévost Car Inc.) in North America and nine years later, Volvo takes all the assets of this company that specializes in the manufacture of large tourist buses.

In 1999, AB Volvo group sells its automobile division to Ford group for $ 6.5 billion.

In 2010, the American Ford sells the old automobile branch of Volvo to China’s Geely for $ 1.8 billion. The transaction was completed in July 2010.

In December 2012, Renault, main shareholder of the Group, sold its 6.5% stake in the company Volvo AB for 1.5 billion euros.

In December 2013, Volvo sold its leasing subsidiary vehicle in North America to $ 1.1 billion

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