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Fiona is 32 and desperately wants a baby. But her partner, Kelly, is a woman and sperm isn’t handy. Fiona has a solution: an English gay guy from work wants to be a dad. Fiona and Kelly want their child to have a father. It seems perfect…but is it? Two Mums and a Dad is the story of the rocky road of 3-way parenting. When Fiona met Darren, she fell for his quirky sense of humour and “passion” for having a child. For Darren it was a dream come true. With his parents in the UK, Darren would finally be a dad and have family in Australia. Kelly is skeptical. A baby is one thing but a man involved in her relationship – forever? Could he take off with the baby if anything happened to Fiona? Unsure what being a parent really means – the three draw up a contract outlining how they will raise a child.

All they have to do is get pregnant – without sex! Medical advice, a ‘turkey baster’, and some contrived romance and the three manage to self-inseminate. With pregnancy well underway, the cracks in this unusual family begin to show. Arguments over clothes, cots and colours of the baby’s room are just the start. The “baby contract” unravels in an explosive confrontation. Could the three end up in court before the baby even arrives? Once baby Marley is born 3 way parenting shifts up a gear. The baby lives with the girls and Darren is allowed restricted visits. But without enough bonding time, Darren is heartbroken. Access rights are renegotiated with new Mum Fiona keeping a careful eye on every move Dad makes with the baby.

It’s Darren’s worst nightmare; he’s fighting to see his son and feels Fiona has decided he isn’t a good father. Did they just want him for his sperm? While the blood parents battle it out, Kelly is so entranced by the baby, now she wants one with Darren too! Shot from the perspectives of Fiona, Kelly and Darren, Two Mums and a Dad will take the audience on a roller coaster ride from pregnancy to parenthood of a most unusual ‘family’.

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