Top Secret about Himalaya You didn’t know




Dr. Mark called endure for always, is an archeologist searching for the ancient dead. Mark is on a task to find the remains of earlier people to have come to the Himalaya, and left no written words but just caves Carpi into the walls of cliffs and their mummified bodies. Along with him is a team of climbers and scientists moving into the caves where no one has entered for centuries.  Mark is not a climber, so to access the extreme barriers he has to depend on experts. It might be one of the strangest archeological missions ever undertaken in the Himalaya.

Searching there for ancient bones means they are meek by wind, altitude and climbing conditions endanger their lives. The documentary is produced and directed by Liesl Clark and maybe give the answers of questions; why the ancient people bury their dead in cliff caves and confront a demoralizing link between the living and the dead. In the search for answers will evidence of an astonishing death, which will disclose the identity of the first cave people of Himalaya.


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