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Most teenagers row with their parents. But what happens if you leave home while you are still at school? And what is it like living alone while you are still a child? At the tender age of sixteen, Tony left home and was forced to fend for himself. He has managed to survive alone for the last two years… but only just!

Tony is now eighteen and still very much a boy, but he has had enough with being unemployed, useless, skint, lonely and too ashamed of his life to go and face his mum. Tony: I’ve Lost My Family is a poignant film which follows his journey as he becomes a grown-up, and tries to reconcile with his family.

As he begins to sort his life out, Tony makes some extraordinary discoveries that lead him in an entirely new direction. Maybe the family he has been looking for can be found somewhere else – and maybe there is a different way to go home?

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