The War Room



This film of D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hedgus offers a look inside the 1992 presidential competition and by analyzing the day-to-day working of Bill Clinton’s campaign staff; it explores the backstage side of national politics. Leader of the group behind the scenes and the demonstrative, charismatic campaign manager is James Carville, who depends on emotional appeals and plain-speaking manner to motivate his juniors.

He is accompanied by the young press spokes man George Stephanopoulous. From the January New Hampshire primary to Clinton’s ultimate victory, the filmmaker follows these two contrasting personalities as they try to hold to an overall strategic plain. At the same time they were also dealing with negative press and unexpected problems, as their candidate was burdened with allegations of infidelity and draft dodging.

In the filming of this documentary, Cinema-verite techniques were used to show the emotional highlights and terrestrial complications of modern politics.

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