Antarctica is the southernmost mysterious continent, the coldest, windiest, driest and most deserted landscape, and the only biggest huge ice on the earth. Ice has dominated Antarctica for longer than humans have existed on the earth. But what about the future? As earth gets warmer what will happen to Antarctica. As shown in this amazing documentary, a pioneering team is searching for answers with a brave new plan and an innovative new machine. They must drill down almost a mile and more than 20 million years deep into Antarctica’s ancient history. This type of work has never been done before in Antarctica.

Antarctica is larger more than one and a half times the size of the US and contains 90% of all the ice in the world. What will happen if all the Antarctica ice would melt? If Antarctica melts, sea level will be rises by more than a hundred fifty feet, flooding coastal cities and relocating hundreds of millions of people. Melting of even just 10% Antarctica ice will be disastrous. Is Antarctica bearing for a major meltdown? If so, it may occur over centuries but it could already be starting because the climate is changing due to the increased atmospheric level of carbon dioxide, a green house gas that doesn’t allow sun heat to go back from the earth.


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